Banana pudding cake recipe

Banana pudding cake recipe 

I hate bananas.

But I love making cakes, which is why I made a banana cake for my friend Jason, despite carefully avoiding the tropical fruit for over two decades. How does the saying go? Make cake not hate. Oh, that’s not a saying? Well it is now!

Bananas have always been my off-limits, never going to like them, keep those smelly phone impostors away from me food. Please don’t mistake me for a picky eater. Any other food prepared even moderately well I will try, most likely enjoy, and eat far too much of. Bananas are the exception to the rule that I eat everything by the stomach full.


My mortal enemy.

Jason is the perfect friend for a food blogger. He’s always requesting that I make him sweets, which is wonderful because 1) I make desserts that I would never have thought to make on my own, and 2) I have someone to give said sweets to so I don’t eat it all myself while rewatching season 4 of Mad Men.

Eventually, my worst fear became reality. Jason asked for a banana cake. I’d never bought bananas before, let alone bake with them*. But I am a professional, and I wasn’t going to let the bananas win! 

Normally when I post a recipe, I tinker with measurements, ingredients, and methods, until I get a result I’m excited to share. This banana pudding cake was more about overcoming an irrational fear than proving my pastry prowess, so I looked to one of my favorite food bloggers, Christin at Spicy Southern Kitchen, to do the heavy lifting for me. 

banana pudding cake

Like any good chef, I did try the cake… a lot. Although I haven’t converted to the banana loving side of life, this cake is moist and tender. The filling is the sophisticated older sister of the vanilla pudding cup you had as a kid. And the frosting, oh the frosting. I could definitely eat it by the stomach-full. It’s fluffy and spreadable, which makes it a dream to decorate with. Plus it’s sweet like whipped cream, but not stomachache inducing like most buttercreams.

I have to admit this cake is delightful, and if I liked bananas I would upgrade that delightful to an incredible. To quote Jason, whose opinion is far more valuable here, “This cake is the BEST!!!”. What better superlative is there than best?  

banana pudding cake

So it’s a happy ending for everyone. You learned about the talented Christin at Spicy Southern Kitchen, Jason got “the best” cake, and I overcame my irrational hatred of bananas. I guess bananas aren’t so bad after all. 

Happy Sifting! 

*Personal Admission #29: I did, however, use the dashboard of my mom’s car to bang open a banana on a road trip. Her snack, not mine. It was going as well as using a car dashboard to open a peeled fruit could, until a bit of banana mush got on my hand. It was game over and lots of hand sanitizer after that.

Ingredients :

1 boxyellow cake mix

2 tbspbanana extract

1 box3.4 banana pudding mix

11mashed banana

1 1/2 cupmilk


1/2 cupvegetable oil


1 box3.4 instant banana pudding mix

1 cupmilk

1 cupcool whip

110.6 oz real cream cheese cool whip frosting

Instructions :

Preheat oven to 350


Add cake items together bake as directed on the box in too 8 inch cake pan spray well let cool completely


Make filling by adding milk and pudding together let sit in fridge for 10 minutes until thicken then add cool whip combining well then add to cake .


Take remaining mix from filling and add 1 10. 6 ounce real cream cheese Cool Whip frosting then frost your cake and garnish as desire with vanilla wafer cookie.

Enjoy people..

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