Cheesy loaded fajita quesadillas


Cheesy loaded fajita quesadillas 


Large flour tortilla

Sour cream (optional) 

Steak (your choice of cut) cut into strips

Chicken breast (large) cut into bite size chunks 

2 Green bell peppers 

2 medium size onions 

Spices blend of your choice 

Cheese of your choice 

Olive oil 


Mix together your meat, peppers and onions in a bag (or bowl) with your choice of seasoning and add a little olive oil. I let marinade for 2 hours. 

Heat up your pan and put a layer of olive oil on the bottom, add your fajita mix. Cook until meat is done (it varies based on size of pieces, portions, etc.) and your peppers and onions should be done before the meat, So stir and flip frequently with your spatula. 

For the actual quesadilla: Get your large flour tortilla, cut half way up directly in the middle of the tortilla. Start from the bottom left section, I added sour cream and cheese there. Move up to the top left section and add your fajita blend (it will be more on the inside when placing this way) for the top right section, I added more cheese 🧀 (yes, I love cheese 😅) and some more onions from the fajitas (my personal preference, you can add whatever and in whatever order you like.) and a little more sour cream to the bottom right. 

After you have finished placing all of your toppings, start from the bottom left corner of your tortilla, and fold directly up onto the top left. Now fold all of that over onto the top right of the tortilla, and finally, fold all of that down onto the bottom left. 

Whenever you have made as many as you would like, and this is optional, place them onto a press and cook until Golden (or to the crisp of your liking) 

This also gives the cheese a chance to fully melt. 

Serve as is, or with sauces, dips, whatever you choose! 


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